I’ve enjoyed a lifetime love affair with books and words. When I was little I dreamed of writing and traveling, and aspired to publish my very own book full of stories of my adventures. Working at a publishing house for six years deepened my love of books and—to my surprise—taught me that I’d rather be telling the world about great titles than writing one myself. My knack for spreading the word about interesting authors and book projects launched my career in marketing and PR. While my work these days has taken me away from the publishing world, I still love talking about books with people every chance I get. And even though I spend way too much time behind a computer screen I’ll never stop buying books, since nothing can replace the feeling of holding a book in your hand. I’d rather lug a hefty bag full of hardcovers than a flat screen any day. Book lovers are everywhere, and it always brings a smile to my face when I discover a kindred spirit lost in a novel while riding the bus.

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