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Would you believe I was half way through this book before I realized Cheryl Strayed was Dear Sugar? It’s true, a good friend of mine told me and was shocked I didn’t already know. It’s a little embarrassing. I remember when Dear Sugar was revealed and I honestly didn’t pay that much attention, part of me didn’t want to see what she looked like or know who she really was.

So I had no expectations when I picked up Wild. I knew a lot of people had talked about it and loved it. But I didn’t put it together that it was written by the same woman who penned the Dear Sugar column. And I’m kind of glad I didn’t know because knowing might have changed my experience with this book. I absolutely loved this book from the first sentence to the last. I fell in love with the author and her story and her vulnerability and her honesty. I could relate to her pits of despair and her triumphs. I truly didn’t want this book to end. And so when I was telling Molly how much I loved it and how I had to find other books by this author and she said “Isn’t she Dear Sugar?” it was such a very giant OF COURSE moment.

If you’re feeling kind of bummed about something, or if you’ve had a weird summer where people you love have passed away and everyone seems to be getting older and  you’re in a bit of a pity pit, I recommend reading this book. It will pull you out, or at least make you realize things could be a whole lot worse. And if it doesn’t, it will be a great distraction from your reality. And Cheryl Strayed is one fantastic writer.

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